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For 33 years, Donn LeVie Jr. led people, programs, and projects for Fortune 100 companies, public sector agencies, and academia  

  • I make sure that you get a toolkit that fits your strengths, personality, and needs of your particular leadership objectives so with me, there is no “one size fits all” approach to the value you get.​


  • You get my trademarked blueprint. Many coaches provide detailed blueprints but not tools; others provide tools but no overall blueprint. My blueprint includes an integrated system of platform, process, and tools with tactical ideas to implement to help you get heard, get noticed and get results.

  • Bundled expertise you don’t have to pay extra for. I’ll offer suggestions for your influence and persuasion campaigns such as website copy, presentation materials, emails, etc.

  • My preference is for simplicity. Too much information and too many choices confuse people, and if you confuse, you lose. Therefore, all the information you’ll get from me is clear, actionable, and results-oriented.

  • I provide GREAT information. You can download articles, book excerpts, cheat sheets, and scripts from the Leadership Excelerator Resource Vault. 

Donn LeVie gave my audience some advice that works with a strategy that includes listing 10-20 ways you offer value to a company and providing that list just prior to the hiring decision. People report to me they’ve had huge success with his tools and strategies for getting noticed.” -- Mark Anthony Dyson, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, NPR, and host of The Voice of Job Seekers

“Donn knew exactly how to position my skills, knowledge, and experience – and package it all – to make me the Director’s obvious and only choice for the position.” -- Susan Thomas, Family Eldercare of Texas

We want to work with accomplished leaders and fast-track professionals like you who want to excel with a higher trajectory and an acceleration boost for your branded value and expertise. 

When you combine excel + acceleration, you get the VIP SELECT© Leadership Program.


You realize (and we do) that being an "influencer" and "thought leader" has more value when it is a label earned—and not claimed as so many others think. 

Without a repeatable system and reliable process to move you forward in the ever-changing workplace, you’re in trouble.


There’s more noise in the corporate environment than ever before — and it’s only getting more difficult to be heard and get noticed for your influence on the strategic direction of the organization. 

The VIP SELECT Leadership Program options equip you with the strategies you'll need to step up to greater levels of authority, responsibility, and accountability as a leader charged with shaping the workspace (on site or remote) for better engagement, productivity, and shareholder value.

  • Expert Training: Lots of video resources to help you get the results you want, step by step.

  • Coaching: Group coaching calls every 2 weeks over Zoom to support your leadership journey.

  • Resource Vault: Checklists, templates, scripts, assessments, examples, and articles — all developed to make implementation faster and easier.

  • Online Community: Private Facebook group to share and learn from others, stay motivated, and get questions answered.



  • Three 1:1 Zoom calls with Donn ($1,500 value): Get help with specific challenges, problems, and issues with three one-hour video conversations with Donn (one every two months) for any necessary course correction strategies.

  • Creating Your Killer Value Proposition Online Course ($997 value):  This powerful online course uses cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, and persuasive language techniques to help you be more influential, persuasive, and valuable to your organization which can lead to building relationships and better engagement with decision makers and clients.

  • Leadership Excelerator Action Plan (LEAP) ($997 value)Complete the ATLAS Assessment© (Annual Trajectory and Leadership Acceleration Strategy©) which covers 9 critical areas: Engagement, Authority Positioning, Influence, Brand, Visibility, Leadership Platform, Beliefs, Relevance, and Social Proof. We will then create an action plan based on your results that will give you total clarity about the best path forward for your leadership and career growth and remove major obstacles that might get in the way.

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