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“Just Because You're a Good Leader Doesn't Make You A Good Coach" 

AUDIENCE: 2nd line Managers; Directors, Executives

DELIVERY: 4.5 days for live, in-person. See below for virtual. 

The Just Because You’re a Good Leader Doesn’t Make You a Good Coach is an innovative program that teaches the thought patterns and behaviors associated with successful coaching outcomes within a corporate environment.

This program is for technology leaders and executives moving into coaching roles in their organizations.  Participants in their leadership roles learn why—when stepping into coaching roles—doling out advice or solutions to problems often creates discord in the workplace and actually thwarts successful coaching outcomes.


Equipped with a fresh perspective on coaching effectiveness, leaders can restrain and even neutralize the impulse to step in with solutions and answers every time a problem is brought to them.

All too often, the solution to an individual employee problem is…the employee—especially when employees hear their own words reflected back by the coach, which can reveal behavioral motivations and limiting beliefs. Participants receive “field-tested” coaching tools that focus concentration, enhance engagement, and show people the value of self-discovery that often accompanies a vision shift, and becomes the catalyst for critical thinking or behavior change.

How Our Virtual Programs Are Presented

Using a combination of pre-recorded video presentations for content and live virtual meetings for Q&A, discussion, and exercises means employees don't have to commit hours or days away from other project priorities. They can view the pre-recorded videos at more convenient times in their schedules (preferably before the scheduled Zoom strategy session calls for that section) over 6 weeks in a virtual group strategy session. Live in-person options (generally 2.5 days, some 5 days) include 30 days of follow-up content to reinforce new strategies and skills. The combination of pre-recorded videos and live virtual strategy sessions actually produces better learning reinforcement than crowding information over several days.

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