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Fists in Solidarity

About What We Do

Organizations hire us to be change agents; to be catalysts for change for your employees, your audience, or your members. 


We are experts who provide the alchemy for spinning content- and value-rich ideas into performance and shareholder gold.


We may even serve as a mild annoyance of sorts – perhaps bringing a contrarian perspective to challenge status quo beliefs and attitudes. After all, it's the single grain of sand acting as a minor irritant to the oyster that creates the pearl.


But we would do so in a positive, engaging, and thoughtful manner that compels your people to step up...better leap the next level of leadership influence.

Core Values

All of our programs embrace three overlapping fundamentals that drive the philosophical foundation of leadership influence:

  • Highlight Meaning and Purpose: Apply our highest personal strengths and talents to belong to and serve a greater good, purpose, or belief.

  • Encourage Participation and Involvement: Apply our greatest personal strengths, talents, and gifts with our work, family, friendships, and leisure.

  • Seek Fulfillment and Enjoyment: Apply as much positive emotion and coping skills to thrive in all areas of our work and personal lives.


​True presence-driven leadership can arise in your organization when individuals have created a core of trust and empathy that will enhance performance, influence, and connection. 


Core of trust and empathy

White Walls

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